Media Plan Template

One of the most gratifying parts of drafting marketing strategy, is creating a Media Plan. This document brings together all the tasks in a timeline, so if you will be using multiple channels to promote your product, it’s essential that you properly fill up  this document.

Among other things, a well drafted media plan helps:

  • Defining who we’re targeting
  • What are the channels that we’re going to use
  • What’s the frequency of publication per each channel
  • What content is to be created for each channel
  • Who does what and when.
  • What is the total budget

So basically, it’s a summary of all the research and discussions, where we define what content will be placed on what channel, with what order and frequency.

Marketing Strategy is comprised of three stages, and creating a media plan is the last stage of them all. These are:

  1. Diagnosis that defines the challenge
  2. A guiding policy of dealing with the challenge
  3. Set of coherent actions to accomplish the policy.

By the time you create this plan of action, it’s recommended that you have the following points defined:  

  • Your target audience with their clear profiles.
  • Measurable marketing objectives (brand awareness, new followers, sales etc.)
  • An inventory of your existing resources (Owned and Earned Media)
  • Price list of paid channels that you’re considering to employ.

When you create a media plan, you know what content you must outsource and coordinate so everyone is on the same page. That has no price 🙂




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