Similar Web

What’s it for?

This tool provides website traffic data for all cross the web.  It’s like having access to the essential data of Google Analytics of any website. There is also a Chrome extension for Similar Web, that with one click gives you the basic traffic details of the website. It is a great tool to track your competitions online strategy and analytics, leading to discovering possible new partners, affiliates or leads. It is not a substitute to Google Analytics, but rather complements it, by showing you the insights of other websites.

What does it track?

It provides information on:

  • Total visits
  • Page Visits
  • Bounce Rate
  • Traffic by Countries
  • Traffic Sources
  • Referring Sites
  • Search Keywords
  • Partner publishers

Additionally, in similar web you can make a website category analysis, App analysis, keyword analysis and great number of other indicators that you can seamlessly integrate into your dashboards to monitor the market.

What are the pricing options?


The free version includes: five results per metrics, one months of historic mobile app data and 3 months of Web Traffic data. It may sound limited, but there is plenty of information it delivers.


Enterprise version shows unlimited results per metric, up to 28 Months of Mobile App data and 3 years of web traffic data. The analysis can also be done segmenting data by countries, thats otherwise hidden in the free version. To view the whole list of features here:

The pricing for this package is not available on the website, but from my experience, it is quite expensive.


  • Great to get insights on the search engine traffic, referrals and outgoing traffic of your competitors.
  • The data can be exported into excel for further manipulation
  • Simple and attractive dashboards
  • Free version is good enough for small companies


  • It doesn’t track websites that have limited traffic.
  • Processes new data slowly
  • Is not very accurate
  • Expensive for a small company

Below is a preview of a report generated from the free version of Similar Web.

For premium users there are much more possibilities, but  even With a free account its an amazing tool. Similar web will help you to generate new ideas for your digital strategy, understand your market, competitive positioning and trend insights.

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