I’m not a nerdy programmer, an enlightened copywriter or a trendy designer. I’m just an extremely curious guy. I can’t just sit and learn a little piece of one puzzle and be ok with that. I like understanding the whole picture. That is why I might never make the best hands on digital media buyer or a top SEO, but one thing is for sure. I’ll make sure the project gets the best practices from around the web and will oversee every little action with acute detail to perfection.

  1. Programmatic (DSP’s)
  2. Google Adwords
  3. Facebook/Instagram Ads
  4. LInkedin Ads
  5. Twitter Ads

Focused on ROI and Long Term Partnership

Nothing hurts more, than investing your time and resources in strategies that don’t bring any profit. My philosophy consists in investing in things that matter and will overall contribute to an increase in revenue. Forget about hourly rates and cold distant approaches…thats not my style. We can sit down over a coffee or even a bear to discuss your project. I like working as a team…so better the group spirit, ideas improve, execution becomes more fun and things run smoother.

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