Domain Name – Essential Concepts

What is a domain name

Why is it important

How much do they cost

Where can you buy them

Tools to find the right name

What type of endings should you have for a domain name

You can get a domain name that is a name of your company, that describes your business or both.

The final part of a domain name is usually called top-level domain. These are

  • .com – for Commercial Entities
  • .net – For internet service providers
  • .org – for no-profits
  •  .edu – for educational institutions.
  •  .mil – For military use
  •  .gov – For government bodies

Each country has its own top-level domains. According to Google it doesn’t give preference to the TLD’s. Meaning, .com will not come up better in search results than .es. That being said, in case of having multinlingual sites, Google might give preference to the TLD of the country where the user is searching from.

Domain name is an address that defines your website on the realm of internet.  Its is not to be confused with a URL, because that would be the precise place for a specific section of your domain.


Domain name is usually cheaper than people think. They are being bought by anual basis and cost in a range of $6-$15 for normal domains or up to 1 Million in case of premium domains.

You can purchase a domain in websites such as: Namecheap, Godaddy or among many others.

Before purchasing a domain, you can go to websites such as namcheck that will tell you if your domain is available together with the avilability of that name on social media and blogging sites. That’s usually the best place to start your search, since you want to have the same name throughout your digital ecosystem.


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